Meet the Blue Monsters!

Name: Marc Kozak
Nickname: Dr. Blue
Occupation: President, Founder and Lead Creative Specialist
Degree Skills: graphic design, marketing and branding
Hobbies: Paranormal investigator ( ghost hunter ), bowling, traveling the United States,amusement parks and water parks.
Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Favorite Movie: Toy Story
Favorite Movie Monster: Mike Wazkowski ( lil one eyed green monster from Monster's Inc)
Favorite Promo Item: Donut stressball
Favorite Food: chicken parmigiana
Favorite TV Show: Fringe
Favorite Drink: Sam Adams
Favorite App: Instagram

Name: Cheryl Kozak
Nickname: Nurse Blue
Occupation: Vice President, Founder
Degree Skills: marketing, social media, photography, finance, project management
Hobbies: Ghost Hunting, collecting Vinyalmations, Cooking and Baking, waterparks and zoo's and nice walks on the beach.
Hometown: Port Chester, NY
Favorite Movie Monster: Sully ( big tall monster from Monster's Inc. ))
Favorite Promo Item: Lip Balm
Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese
Favorite TV Show: Once Apon a Time
Favorite Drink: southern sweet tea
Favorite App: sephora